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Lake Nara is a huge lake that exists in Nara Prefecture. It swallows certain people and continues to grow.

Structure of Nara

What is Lake Nara?

It is a huge place in Nara prefecture in Japan.

You could find a deer.

The existence of Lake Nara

Does Lake Nara really exist?

There is also the idea that Lake Nara does not exist.

One of them is Mr. Pina, an explorer and a resident of the bottom of Lake Nara. His claim is "Nara will not perish". He argued that evidence has been found to suggest that Lake Nara is an imaginary place. However, many people disagree with it.

In Schrodinger's words, Lake Nara may or may not exist until you visit and observe it. It would be good to visit Nara to observe this. I'm sure Mr. Pina will welcome you.

The Legend of the Turtle Stone.

The Story of Lake Nara today.

The Revival of Lake Nara by Someone.

When the whole of the Nara Basin was a lake, there was a fight between a snake and a catfish on the opposite shore. The snake won, and the water was disappeared from Lake Nara. For that reason, the turtles all was died. It is said that the villagers felt sorry for this and made a "turtle stone" to make a memorial service.

Initialy "turtle stone" was facing north, but then someone turned it to the west and Nara Lake was revived.

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